Innovative panels on the market
finishing materials
Standard dimensions of ART panel 2000x1200 mm. The panels are produced in 3 variants of thickness 0,5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm.
ART-panel has a glossy, polished surface on the front side, with a protective film for safe transportation, installation work. The film must be removed after work.
ART-panel is easy to saw, cut with a knife, scissors. The material can be processed on a CNC milling machine. If there are scratches, it can be easily polished. The sheet is rolled, has high ductility and bending strength, is thermoformable.
ART sheets have a high chemical resistance to all types of liquid detergents, acids, benzene, acetone, solvents and alkaline products,
The service life of the ART-panel is at least 15 years.
We are ready to produce ART panels for any task in the field of decor and decoration. See for yourself!

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