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There are several options for applying the sheet as a panel on the wall. Perhaps the simplest is to use double-sided construction tape. Initially, the tape is applied to the entire reverse surface, without gaps or overlaps. The wall should be flat, dry and, if necessary, primed with acrylic primers. Do not allow the presence of sand grains, lapping paint, or any bumps. Laser level set the horizontal and vertical lines. For convenience, in the lower horizontal line screwed 3-4 self-tapping screws or bar. Self-tapping screws serve as a shelf. Carefully take the sheet with adhesive tape, and the lower edge of the plate is placed on the self-tapping screws or a strip, without pressing against the wall. Align the sheet vertically, and only then begin to roll up the sheet on the wall from the bottom. After placing the entire sheet on the wall, use a rubber roller to roll the sheet over the entire area.

For gluing to the walls, including in wet rooms and shower cabins, it is possible to use transparent mounting adhesive Quelyd 007 Crystal clear or Kleiberit 600.0. The wall must be levelled and primed in the same way. When installing it is necessary to create a supporting shelf of several screws or laths in the lower horizon so that the sheet does not slide down. Apply glue to the entire surface of the wall!!!! according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the glue, apply the sheet to the wall from the bottom up, rolling it over the entire surface. Then use a rubber roller to roll the sheet over the entire area. If necessary, using construction adhesive tape temporarily fix the sheet around the perimeter to the wall surface. When installing a large-sized panel, consisting of several sheets, you must first mount the bottom row of sheets. After the adhesive dries on the lower row, install the next, upper row, securing the edges of the sheet with a construction adhesive tape. Working with a roller, you must achieve maximum adhesion of the sheet to the surface and remove excess glue between the sheet and the wall.

It is not difficult to glue an ART panel. Depending on the type of finish, you may need a trowel, construction tape, comb, tile adhesive, a construction knife.

For example, if it is necessary to carry out laying on the principle of torn stone, the technology will be as follows:

  • prepare the wall (clean from the old coating, trim, primed);
  • Take the sheet material, cut with scissors into pieces of arbitrary size, color and shape;
  • Determine the size of the joints;
  • Prepare the adhesive, spread it on the work surface;
  • the glue is distributed from the backside of the flexible marble, removing the excess with a spatula;
  • glue the fragments in the selected pattern, leaving the same width joints;
  • joints between the adjacent elements are covered with glue;
  • after the working surface dries, remove the protective coatings of flexible marble.

When gluing stone wallpaper joints butt joints. Overlap this lining does not glue. For it to lie better on the walls, you need to initially set the wallpaper in the correct direction. Bookmarking is not allowed. When working glue composition is applied to the coating, and on the basis.Wallpaper should be glued no later than 5 minutes after applying the adhesive to them. If it is too long, the coating can deform. Installation is performed with dry and clean hands.

The decoration of inner corners is performed in the same way as when working with conventional wallpaper. However, when facing outer corners, it is contraindicated. From this material cracks on the front side. In this case, it is necessary to cut the sheet and carefully dock it. At the same time it is necessary to fit the existing pattern.

If the room is wet, the cladding is covered with a finishing protective coating.

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