Все о ART-панеле


We produce ART panels on different bases depending on project requirements, operating conditions and customer requirements. The maximum size of one panel for any material is up to 200×300cm. At the same time our technology allows to create seamless structures and images of almost unlimited length and height while maintaining the highest detail of several thousand megapixels!

The variability of the size range facilitates the creation of any surface design. Particular attention should be paid to frescoes. In this version they retain their shape, brightness and colorfulness for a long time. Panels can be decorated with lighting, which looks great in modern style interiors. Color solutions are not limited: the material can be found on sale in neutral and colored tones.

If desired, you can pick up the material to match the tone of the interior design, taking into account fashion trends. For example, in vogue today is a white coating with a glossy surface type and gold (gray or beige) streaks. Coatings of neutral tones fit perfectly into the interior.

Matte and rough textures look great with antique furniture, combined with decorative plaster. This cladding material helps to create the atmosphere of the right era.